What Is Omegasvelt? Does It Work For Weight Loss?

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OmegaSvelt is another newcomer to the instant weight loss circus. Recently a friend asked what I knew about it. Actually I had never heard of it. Useful information is hard to find. Apparently it is available only by mail order, over the internet. Price average is around $58 for a 30 day supply. Curiously, there is no phone number either for customer service or to obtain a refund.

This should be a clear warning to consumers that this product may be fraudulent

A few vendor sites emphasize that the product contains Omega 3 fatty acids, a class of lipids known for its health promoting effects. [Especially rich sources of Omega 3, and the related Omega 6 compounds, are fish, fish oils, and several plant oils]

There is no question that Omega 3s promote health, but there is no evidence they promote weight loss.

Omegasvelt is said to contain Citrus Aurantium, a substance rich in Polyamine Beta-Stimulants. This means it’s a thermogenic stimulant, a substance that promotes heat production in the body. Also on the ingredient list is Spirea Ulmaria, a “powerful diuretic”. Vendors claim that these ingredients together “increase metabolism and body thermogenesis”.

In fact they claim a number of benefits, as befits such an expensive product:

A Panacea For Overweight & Obesity?

  • rapid weight loss, with no changes to daily regimen
  • loss of all excess fat
  • abdomen becomes firm and flat
  • youthful appearance
  • general feeling of well being
  • regulation of metabolism
  • ingested fat is no longer stored, but transformed into energy

    Another Miracle Weight Loss Pill?

  • no more weight gain
  • purification, and draining of excess water
  • at least one drop in size per week
Remarkably… “OmegaSvelt capsules cause you to shed 2 pounds a day, while purifying and reinforcing your organism. You don’t need to deprive yourself of the foods you love, and there’s no need for exercise, willpower or counting calories. You’ll lose weight without even being aware of it, simply by taking your OmegaSvelt capsules

Does a sensible person believe a pill can do all that?

There are hundreds of weight-loss pills on the market. If any of them could do what Omegasvelt claims, the weight loss industry would have disappeared by now. Currently it is almost impossible to know the real effects of OmegaSvelt, as so little information is available – anywhere.


There is strong evidence that Omegasvelt is another Montreal-based weight-loss fraud: http://www.rainbowinvestigations.com ,



Consumers should regard ‘Omegasvelt’ with the greatest skepticism

  1. axleyer says:

    Essential information about the product.I think natural or herbal weight loss pills are safe too use. They don’t have side effect.pills like stratzol burn fat in a natural way.Choosing the right pill is important.

    • I agree that some weight loss pills maybe safe too use. The question is do they work and are they worth the money. Few, if any, diet pills are backed by credible evidence or scientific studies. In my opinion the ‘value for money’ consists merely of a belief in their effectiveness

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